Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Life by Diana Hoppe, M.D.

Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals About Your Life
Diana Hoppe, M.D.
Health Reflections Press (2010)
ISBN 9780982541104
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (07/10)


Questions of intimate nature always seem very difficult to ask, and particularly so if the one asking them is a woman. Just stop and think for a moment – how many people, including professionals, are you comfortable enough with to discuss your sexual desires or lack thereof with? If you are truly honest with your answer, it might seriously surprise you. Even if you feel comfortable enough with your doctor, chances are he or she is always just a tad too busy for you to bring those topics up. But the truth is that libido is a very complex thing, and understanding it, or the lack of it, deals with much more than the purely sexual side of your life.

Dr. Hoppe’s book will bring an unprecedented clarity to any such questions a woman or her partner might have about their libido or decrease in it. Written in a very approachable, yet professional style, it deals with the subject in a holistic manner, addressing the factors influencing the matter as well as those being influenced by it. Obviously meticulously researched, supported by facts and figures as well as illustrated by real life examples, the book very methodically deals with anything related to female sex drive, starting from the basic “why and how” and progressing into much more complex relationships of libido with other facets of our lives. Dr. Hoppe managed to keep sounding approachable and easy to relate to, while remaining a consummate professional, armed with a vast knowledge on the subject. All too often books of this kind sound either condescending to the reader or are so overly technical that most of us would have to arm ourselves with a plethora of reference material to be able to understand just a portion of it. Dr. Hoppe’s tone was neither, and that made the book truly unique.

While I certainly enjoyed all the facts, figures and medical explanations, particularly those related to the differences between male and female brains and consequently the differences in how men and women experience desire, I found the “Questions for Reflection” at the end of each chapter even more fascinating and decidedly enlightening. Answering them – honestly! – was not always easy or totally comfortable, but decidedly worthwhile; and I am convinced that any reader will learn a good few things about herself after doing so.

Whether you are experiencing changes in your libido due to your self-esteem, the stage of the life you are in, the stress or medications or a health condition, Dr. Hoppe’s book will help you understand and address your concerns with comprehensible and relevant information as well as practical and useful suggestions. I would recommend “Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You” to any and every woman, whether she’s currently experiencing diminished libido or just wants to be informed about her body and its responses. Read it alone, and then share it with your partner – I am certain you’ll end up understanding each other better.

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