Kakos Prose & Poetry by Kakos Kakos

Kakos Prose & Poetry
Kakos Kakos
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432750350
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (12/10)


Kakos writes about everything that has touched his life. Through the creative mixture of poetry and prose, he takes the reader on an adventure of a lifetime.

In the poem “Don’t Cry Maria,” the author brings up a very good point about a city condemning property and displacing the poor. I especially enjoyed the line, “Oh my God Maria! This cannot be true. Is this the America I chose to live in?” This shocking line brings the reality of America to the immigrants of Los Angeles. They come here with visions of grandeur, thinking this is the land of opportunity; only to find out that this is also the land of theft and deceit.

There is even a poem (“The Conquering Warrior”) that he has written for a friend. He explains that the poem is for a friend, but does not really tell why or what for, this was puzzling. Another example of his true-life poetry was “The Young Dead Guerilla,” dealing with his childhood years.  Back in 1947, he was going to school on a cold and drizzly day and saw a young revolutionary lying dead across the path.

Varied and diversified is the best way to describe this 263-page volume. It covers many different topics and even tells the story of the Dream Catcher and gives a tutorial on designing your own Dream Catcher. Kakos continues to add variety by peppering in some Haikus and explaining what they are and how they are written. He concludes his intriguing book by telling the reader that this book is the culmination of fifty-five years of work.

I have mixed emotions about “Kakos Prose & Poetry.” In some instances it was very interesting and kept my attention, but there were some areas that were beyond my understanding. The book is general audience and is a good read but be aware, there are some parts that will not appeal to all.  I gave it a B only because there definitely were some parts that I had to stop and think about and that detracted from the pleasure of the read.

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