Katie Cranberry Book IV: Katie’s North American Peace Adventure by Herman Franck, Esq.

Katie Cranberry Book IV: Katie’s North American Peace Adventure
Herman Franck, Esq.
Kit Media Co. (2009)
ISBN 9781439242605
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (06/10)


In “Katie Cranberry Book IV,” Katie goes to North America to continue to try to unite people for peace.  Since she is from North America, this mission is especially meaningful to her.  This is where she will have her chance to try to help save her people from being destroyed by the incoming Europeans.

In addition to Katie’s fruit friends who accompanied her on her last adventures, she has more people joining her.  This includes her husband Isaiah, who is a pilgrim and the son of a very important man.  The Octobearagator also joins them. Both her husband and the Octobearagator were introduced in her previous adventures.  Adding to the group in this adventure are the smelly Little Man, his gorgeous wives, Stinky Cranberry and the Trickster Girl.  Further on down the road, other vital characters come into the story. Many of them are not quite human.

Having already journeyed to Europe, Asia, China and South America, Katie is excited to be back closer to her people.  She is desperate to save her people and preserve her culture. The intruding Europeans appear to be intent on destroying both.  She hopes that her diplomatic mission will help people of all backgrounds to learn to see each other as family.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as smoothly as the group would like.  They find themselves not only having to save themselves from the white man, but also Native Americans of other tribes, and mystical creatures and spirits.  Dissension also breaks out within the group.  In this story, several of the fruits have married each other.  When more fruit characters come into the picture, the marriages are shaken.  Katie is also dealing with some of her own mental health issues.  The group discovers that they must work together as a team to not only accomplish Katie’s goals, but to survive.

As the group travels, they first find themselves dealing with supernatural beings that are either there to help them or to hurt them. They have to decide who they can trust.  As the story progresses and Katie finds herself interacting more with humans, political issues come into play.  Katie discovers that there are people who are intent on destroying her destiny.  She and her friends have to figure out how to thwart them.  Some can be done with magic; others have to be done through the judicial system.  This is a new experience for Katie.  Meanwhile her entourage has to deal with their personal issues of self-discovery.  As they accompany her on this trip, some negative aspects of their characters show themselves.  The characters must learn to work through these issues as they are discovering who they really are.

Once again, I find myself awed by the author Herman Franck’s incredible imagination.  This is an incredibly unique story that can be enjoyed by people of any age.  Using fruit for characters seems rather strange; however, there are so many people that I know that could be these characters; I suspect I am going to start recognizing them as fruits, instead of real people!  I also like that in spite of it being an incredible fantasy story, historical events are brought into it.  I think that by slipping history into a fun fantasy, once again readers will gain an interest in the historical events that really occurred during this time.  The last section of the book has about 200 pages of appendices, so that the reader is able to immediately see how history really played out, and what real events are being described in the story found in “Katie Cranberry Book IV.”  I definitely recommend reading this unique book!

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