Laundry Wisdom: Instructions for a Greener and Cleaner Life by Carin Froehlich

Laundry Wisdom: Instructions for a Greener and Cleaner Life
Carin Froehlich
iUniverse (2010)
ISBN 9781440198007
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (02/10)


Carin Froehlich’s “Laundry Wisdom” is nostalgic and contemporary at the same time, and above all it is certainly timely in view of the current economical and environmental situation. Aptly subtitled “Instructions for a Greener and Cleaner Life,” this slim volume tackles many facets of one of the usually most hated household chores.

It matters little whether you are somebody who is into high-tech or somebody wishing for return to simpler, less mechanized way of life, Carin Froehlich has the answers to your laundry dilemmas and queries of all kinds. If they pertain to drying the laundry outside, on the clothesline, or to the real efficiency of HE washers and dryers, the answers are there. If you want to save money or minimize your impact on the environment, you will find solutions to suit you. If your perennial problem is organization – or more likely, the lack thereof, you should be able to find a way following the proposed solutions. If you like to do things by yourself, you will find the chapter on making your own laundry products fascinating. If your family pretends not to know how to handle their laundry, there is an invaluable chapter on teaching the basics of laundry to children from toddlers to teens, which I firmly believe could be equally as useful to instruct husbands who refuse to tackle the laundry themselves. After you’ve mastered all aspects of doing the actual work, you can sit back and relax with a collection of utterly enchanting vignettes about the joy of laundry.

Well organized, written in an approachable, easygoing and friendly manner, subtly witty and entirely charming, this is both a very useful and totally delightful book. I found it equally suitable for a gift for somebody starting their own household and a handy little reference for those of us who have been confronting and conquering laundry for a while. Whether you are a laundry veteran or a total beginner, chances are that “Laundry Wisdom” by Carin Froehlich will offer you more than just a few pieces of useful information as well as a number of heart-warming stories and reminiscences.

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