Liberation by Maria Lucia

Maria Lucia
Andrusian Press (2010)
ISBN 9780984475544
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (05/10)


What if one day you suddenly discover that nothing is as it really appears to be? You find out that your imaginary friends from childhood are real, just not real human. You learn that there are supernatural forces at work that are responsible for horrible events that are occurring in the United States. Talk about experiencing a paradigm shift!

In “Liberation,” this is what happens to Amora Madre.  She finds herself being pulled from her comfortable life in the SmokeyMountains to Washington, DC, where she discovers that she has been chosen by the Intergalactic Supernatural Intelligence Agency to help fight an wicked supernatural syndicate that has evil plans of destroying the balance of good and evil on the planet.

Joining Amora in this battle is her soul mate Gabriel, and Casey and Nia, who she discovers are Onaweyans, and not just products of her childhood imagination.  The team finds themselves being able to travel through other spiritual dimensions and having to deal with supernatural creatures that are larger than life.  When they realize that the United States has been under the control of this darkness for ages, they go through the dimensions and time to battle the evil, and enlist the aid of the founding fathers of the United States.  This adventure really helps the couple learn how powerful they truly are.

“Liberation” is a really uniquely written novel.  The author ties together actual devastating events that have happened in the United States, with real historical characters, and an evil supernatural syndicate.  This combination is very thought-provoking and makes you think, “What if?”  There are so many natural catastrophic events happening on our planet today, along with ones caused by power hungry, evil humans, that reading “Liberation” makes you believe that the idea for this novel could really be based upon some truth.  That is truly a scary thought!  I highly recommend this novel.  I think that readers who enjoy paranormal fantasies will appreciate the unique ideas that tie the plot together.

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