Living with the Rescues: Life Lessons and Inspirations by Sharon Langford

Living with the Rescues: Life Lessons and Inspirations
Sharon Langford
Greenleaf Book Group (2010)
ISBN 9781608320455
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (07/10)


“Living with the Rescues” by Sharon Langford is a collection of true biographies of the rescue dogs that have found safe, loving surroundings in Langford’s home.  Motivated by a love for dogs Ms. Langford restructured her life to accommodate the four-footed creatures who stole her heart.  Living in a populated area, she eventually moved to the country to make a more conducive environment for her rescues, eight of which live with her at the time of publication.

The book is structured into chapters about each rescue dog.  Giving a biography of how the dog came to live with her, Langford ends each chapter with a life lesson that each animal taught her.  For example, Barney was an occasionally aggressive dog when she first met him, but he became an affectionate friend.  His life taught lesson is “Be willing to change your opinion.”

There is also a section about animals that Langford cared for that have passed away.  Throughout the book there are “rescue tips” that give the reader suggestions on how to rescue dogs safely or how to support those that do.  Color photos are plentiful, too.

“Living with the Rescues” is a nicely organized book with helpful tips throughout.  Ms. Langford’s love for needy dogs is admirable, and as the owner of a rescue dog myself, I can attest to the payback one receives from adopting a shelter dog.  The stories are very personal about each dog, giving descriptions about their individual schedules and characteristics.  While not always engaging, Langford pays a nice tribute to her canine companions.  Even better, the beginning of the book states that “All proceeds from the sale of this book go to Daisy’s Legacy, a trust established to help special needs animals.”  Ms. Langford’s desire to find ways to help raise money to support needy dogs is very noble.  She is a woman with a goal who has found a solution to a problem.  I imagine many of her animals have given her the strength to carry out this goal.

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