Lost Knowledge of the Ancients: A Graham Hancock Reader Edited by Glenn Kreisberg

Lost Knowledge of the Ancients: A Graham Hancock Reader
Edited by Glenn Kreisberg
Bear & Company (2010)
ISBN 9781591431176
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (10/10)


In the introduction Glenn Kreisberg states “This collection of essays…provides astounding, yet compelling proof of an approaching shift in our perspective regarding human origins and roots of civilization.”  This statement alone spiked my interest. The compilation of essays by knowledgeable contributors is worth the read and certainly worth the contemplation.  Are their theories and research correct?  Did the sixth astronaut that went into space encounter a living form?  Or, did civilization actually start on the coast of India?

Topics covered in “Lost Knowledge of the Ancients” are parapsychology and paranormal, ancient mystery school, the Egypt code, esoteric philosophy, and much more.  Each contributor has a theory, based on research and documentation, which is very convincing to those that are open to considering other possibilities of how our existence came to being.

The most fascinating theory for me was by Gary A. David, an independent researcher and author.  He claims that the Hopi Indians migrated in the Southwest using the Orion template.  David provides a map showing placements of the settlements in exact proportion of Orion.  Even though this migration occurred over thousands of years, the grid was completed. He ends his chapter by saying “The word zona, as in the name Arizona, is particularly significant. From classical times onward, it has literally been defined as ‘The girdle [or belt] of Orion.’”

Fascinating!  That’s how I found the theories in “Lost Knowledge of the Ancients.”  I don’t believe we can discount any of the theories presented but certainly encouraged to do further research and contemplation. What other aspects of history are we being protected or shunned away from?  Is the control by our government or religious entities preventing us from discovering the truth?  I encourage you to see for yourself and consider reading “Lost Knowledge of the Ancients.”

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