Love Remains (The Matchmakers) by Kaye Dacus

Love Remains (The Matchmakers)
Kaye Dacus
Barbour Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781602609891
Reviewed by Tiffany Schlarman for Reader Views (10/10)


When Bobby Patterson decides to move back to his home town of Nashville, Tennessee in hopes of settling down, he isn’t prepared to run into his first love, Zarah Mitchell, at his first singles event held by his home church.  Zarah, who still has painful memories from her past, is shocked when she finds herself face to face with her first and only love, the man who left her for his career, leaving Zarah to be kicked out by her father and forced to make it on her own.  When Bobby starts his job at the Tennessee Criminal Investigations unit, he is not prepared for the twist and turns the investigation takes, bringing him closer to the love of his life than he intends.  After all, Zarah is the one who ran out on him, leaving her father to break the news to him.  Through a series of events and a few helpful pushes from their matchmaking grandmas, Bobby and Zarah are faced with their past, to decide if they can forgive in the present for a possibility of a future.

“Love Remains” is a well written, smooth flowing novel that delights its reader.  The novel starts with a group of grandmothers who dub themselves the ‘matchmakers’ and set out to “help” their grandchildren marry and produce offspring.  The book has a wonderful mix of humor, drama, suspense and romance that kept me reading without fail.  I really enjoyed the Christian fiction aspect of this book as it emphasized good morals with realistic day to day life of a Christian.  The novel shows both Zarah and Bobby at their strongest and weakest moments, showing vulnerability and faith with strength and redemption.

I greatly enjoyed this novel.  It was easy to read and easy to connect with the characters.  I loved the case Bobby was assigned; it brings a level of suspense and intrigue to this romantic novel.  “Love Remains” is full of historical insights due to Zarah’s job at the Middle Tennessee Historic Preservation.  It was a great mix that offset the predictability of the novel along with a few twists.  I would recommend this novel for readers age sixteen and older.  It is sure to be enjoyed by many.

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