Madoff and Not Madoff by Lawrence R. Velvel

Madoff and Not Madoff
Lawrence R. Velvel
Doukathsan Press of the Massachusetts School of Law (2010)
ISBN 9780982250945
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (12/10)


Lawrence R. Velvel, Dean of Massachusetts School of Law, is recognized for his political blog “Velvel on National Affairs.” These blogs have been published in four separate award-winning books.

In “Madoff and Not Madoff” Velvel has selected material from his blogs, as well as numerous government documents and correspondence regarding the government handling of the S. E.C. in relation to the Madoff case . He uses a combination of cynical tongue-in-cheek humor, personal opinion, and analysis to get the reader’s attention in hopes of stimulating their intellect. He gives further details and an analysis of reports available to the public as well as on other rarely publicized facts directly related to issues leading up to the Madoff fiasco.

It is Velvel’s goal to capture the readers’ attention and to alert them of the government handling of the Security and Exchange Committee in relation to the Madoff affair. He also hopes to stimulate the intellect of the reader. He develops an analysis of both published information and little known facts directly related to issues introduced throughout the book. Velvel is outspoken. His writing is straightforward and informative.

Part One of the book opens with the last half of the title “and Not Madoff.” These chapters give a background of the incidents in which politicians and government employees blundered and created the environment which generated and allowed the irresponsibility of government agencies. These events set in motion the possibility for the Madoff’s criminal actions.

“Madoff and Not Madoff” is engrossing, timely, and important. The public documents included provide an alarming wake up call to the American people. Velvel sheds light on political agendas, government incompetence, the abuse of bureaucratic appointments, and the inefficiency of some of the committees designed to monitor financial agencies.

Written with clarity, “Madoff and Not Madoff” calls for a return to competence and honesty in government. I highly recommend Lawrence Velvel’s book to anyone willing to take heart, continue in the American Dream, and influence others to join together to rebuild the foundations of our Nation.

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