Mamas House Oh’ So Good Home Cooking by Brenda Kay

Mamas House Oh’ So Good Home Cooking
Brenda Kay
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781438900711
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (01/10)


I was thrilled to see this cookbook available to review because I had seen the book video and was intrigued by the fact the recipes were “good home cooking.”  There is nothing more comforting than Southern cooking; it certainly touches the soul.

I was intrigued to try out “My Fabulous Mashed Potatoes” as the first recipe.  You may be wondering why mashed potatoes – you just add some butter and milk and mash away.  That’s true, but this recipe has what I’m going to term as a “secret ingredient” that makes the fluffiest and tastiest mashed potatoes I’ve ever eaten.

The next recipe I tried was “Gold Old Fried Okra.”  I’ve attempted okra recipes before and always ended up with a disaster.  This was going to be my last attempt with okra and I’m happy to say, it will not be the last.  This recipe actually worked for me.

The third recipe I tried for the purpose of this review was “Pan Fried Corn.”  Delicious!   I was amazed how sweet the corn was and there was no sugar added.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed with the recipes I tried from “Mamas House Oh’ So Good Home Cooking” by Brenda Kay and will certainly try some of the others.  I love the simplicity of the recipes and the ingredients are ones found in any pantry.  And, to reiterate the title, the end result is “Oh’ So Good.”  Brenda Kay has shared with us her prized recipes and I encourage you to try them out.

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