Model of the Universe: With Laws of Physics by Bobby McGehee

Model of the Universe: With Laws of Physics
Bobby McGehee
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781449067922
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (03/10)


“Model of the Universe” is a complex explanation of the origin of all physical matter. The book is intended to be a supplement to his earlier work and should be studied together with “Theory of the Universe.”

Engineering Physicist Bobby McGehee disputes the presumptions and validity of the widely accepted Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, on the premise that it is based on unproven ideas that are inconsistent with the established laws of physics. His works are an effort to produce material that will disprove the hypothesis of accelerating expansion and inflation as well as the Big Bang Theory.

“Model of the Universe” addresses questions related to the topics of acceleration versus deceleration and asymmetry, angular momentum, production of the universe and continuing growth, and cosmic background radiation. McGehee also includes references to deflagration and primordial matter.

McGehee draws his conclusions from a lifetime of study of the works of Adam G. Riess, George Abell, Harold Corwin, Vesto Melvin Slipher, Edwin Hubble, Steven Hawking, and Steven Weinberg. It is his hope that “Model of the Universe” will advance scientific thinking beyond speculation and myth to explore scientifically plausible facts “feasible within known and proven Laws of Physics.”

The frequent references to recent conversations with prominent men in related fields of endeavor presently involved in the active pursuit of re-examining current knowledge and continuing in the ongoing research taking place today adds credibility to Mc Gehee’s conclusions.

Helpful detailed figures, charts, and exhibits visually validate the New Universe Theory (NUT) with the Laws of Physics. The format of the book is eye-appealing and reader-friendly.

Because Mc Gehee does not attempt to address spiritual, religious, or biological origins in his writings, neither the Creationist nor the Evolutionist are apt to attempt to refute or endorse his arguments.

An amazing comprehensive appendix includes a comprehensive glossary of terms used throughout the text, a detailed listing of references and credits, additional reference data, with pertinent equations.

Bobby L. McGehee has a distinctive career in research and management for developing, building and operating Aerodynamic and Propulsion Test facilities. After retiring he went back to college to study astronomy and is currently a member of the Astronomy Society of the Pacific, the American Association of Physics Teachers, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. As an avid student of scientific discoveries he often attends local and national scientific lectures.

Serious students of physics, thermodynamics, and astronomy will find “Model of the Universe” a stimulating, provocative treatise based on the facts presented and on the merit of McGehee’s logic, recent findings, consistency, and thorough research and documentation.

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