My Marquette: Explore the Queen City of the North – Its History, People, and Places with Native Son Tyler R. Tichelaar by Tyler R. Tichelaar

My Marquette: Explore the Queen City of the North – Its History, People, and Places with Native Son Tyler R. Tichelaar
Tyler R. Tichelaar
Marquette Fiction (2011)
ISBN 9780979179051
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (10/10)


In the introduction of “My Marquette” author Tyler R. Tichelaar writes “This book is written for the visitor who wants to know more about Marquette, for the longtime Marquette resident who loves its history, for people who want a tour guide as they walk around Marquette, for readers of my novels who want to know more about the people and places that inspired my characters and stories, and finally, to preserve some oral history and memories of myself and others before they are lost.”  Being a genealogy buff myself, the latter resonated with me; it’s so important to preserve the history so that generations that follow will have a glimpse of the past, their heritage.

As I perused “My Marquette” I became familiar with the history of the area.  It reminded me much of the small town I lived in and its rich history.  Although the photographs are black and white, it is easy to imagine the colors coming through.  As I studied the stained glass windows in St. Peter’s Cathedral I thought about the beginning of its construction in 1880.  At that time they certainly didn’t have the tools we do now, yet the construction is solid and will withstand much more than buildings built now.

I’m sure Tichelaar didn’t leave any stones unturned.  He covers the beginning of Marquette, south/downtown/north/west Marquette, lakeshore, Stonegate, historical homes, and much more.   A walking tour of these areas would be most interesting.  I look forward to making a trip to Marquette and exploring the area.

Tichelaar’s thorough research and dedicated passion to preserve the history shines through in “My Marquette.”  His personal mission to preserve the past and bring it into the present is commendable, but what is more so acclaiming is him leaving a legacy for the families of Marquette.

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