Mysterious Encounter by Michael W. Griffith

Mysterious Encounter
Michael W. Griffith
American Book Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781589825581
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (07/10)


Many of us remember those exciting days of reading about pirates and capturing gold and taking the women. However, this is a new approach to modern day piracy and we know from reading or listening to news that it happens.

Max and Frank have been friends for a long time and they love adventure and danger. They set out to find treasures in hidden islands when they find a young lost boy and return him to his home, encountering the usual dangers along the way.  Sailing on, they want to discover other treasures. However, this is the same scenario that we find in many books; it also reminds me of movies about shipwrecks. Quite frankly I got bored with the escapades because they are the same ones you see in movies. There was nothing original or unique. Also, I couldn’t find the central plot of this story; boy saves girl, friends united. It reminded me of so many shows we have seen over the past.

I do think that the author tried to add excitement to his story; however, I had a hard time finishing this book. It didn’t capture my attention. I’m not sure what I would have liked different in his writing other than wanting originality and an enticing plot.

I think if you are a person who likes stories of adventure and danger and treasure hunts, you might like it. When I look at the title “Mysterious Encounters,” I think of space ships and aliens. The title didn’t seem to fit to the story.

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