Navigating Integrity: Transforming Business as Usual Into Business at Its Best by Al Watts

Navigating Integrity: Transforming Business as Usual Into Business at Its Best
Al Watts
Brio Press (2010)
ISBN 9780982668740
Reviewed by Joseph Yurt for Reader Views (10/10)


Al Watts, author of “Navigating Integrity,” is a veteran consultant of nearly thirty years to all sizes of public and private corporations, all government sectors, and not-for-profits. His passionate, timely book makes one wonder if he saw, sooner than most of us, the appalling lack of values and ethics that has come to the fore in an alarming number of leaders and businesses.

Watts’ goal in writing “Navigating Integrity” is to provide “…a catalyst for you and your organization to live up to your promise and be among those who are transforming business as usual into business at it’s best.” The identification and articulation of a leader’s and organization’s core values – “what we value most” – is a cornerstone of Watts’ model. As you would expect, integrity is at the top of his personal list of core values. His other core values include freedom with responsibility, invest in the next generation, good work (“for me and for others”), enjoy each day as if it is the last and as if I will account for it another day, and enjoy and respect nature. Upon reading the list, I couldn’t help but wonder what was on Bernie Madoff’s list.

The book offers an abundance of intelligent, hard-hitting quips from respected leaders in diverse fields that support the author’s model. Watts continually challenges the reader with stimulating questions that result in immediate self-reflection, i.e., “In what ways do you display the courage of owning who you are and standing up for what you believe?” This device makes for an especially engaging, interactive read. Readers are also invited to complete the online self-report, “Leadership Integrity Survey,” that gives them a measure of how they are currently navigating integrity with suggestions on how they can do so more effectively.

Al Watts’ “Navigating Integrity” reflects his considerable experience and expertise. This book suggests that the author is indeed living up to his promise. “Navigating Integrity” is a highly recommended addition to any business and family library, and to parents who are striving to nurture good kids who will grow up striving to “do the right thing.”


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