New Orleans Architecture, Volume VII: Jefferson City by Dorothy J. Schlesinger

New Orleans Architecture, Volume VII: Jefferson City
Dorothy J. Schlesinger
Pelican Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781589808065
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (04/10)


As an armchair traveler to Jefferson City, Louisiana the reader finds stately homes, columns, turrets, and high steeples that are none other than one would expect to find in a place that was incorporated in 1850 and was annexed by the City of New Orleans in 1870.

“New Orleans Architecture, Volume VII” displays a trip through the city starting from Uptown and learning the history through narrative, sketches from a plan book, and photographs.  As well, the traveler is informed of the founding families and the political economy during those times. Once we get the back story we are able to journey past homes, often going inside some. Viewing the stately interiors puts one into the era very quickly.

I specifically found the Architectural Inventory Map of interest.  The photographs, the locations and the history of the homes are very fascinating.  It amazes me how much of the history has been preserved and documented.

I do have plans to visit New Orleans for the first time this summer, and after studying this book, Jefferson City is definitely on the top of my list to visit.  “New Orleans Architecture, Volume VII” is very well laid out, easy to read or peruse, and definitely educational. I can guarantee history and architecture buffs will thoroughly enjoy this book.  This one is a keeper and will go with me when I visit New Orleans this summer.

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