Night Magic by Karen Robards

Night Magic
Karen Robards
Grand Central Publishing (2009)
ISBN 9780446353915
Reviewed by: Tracey Rock for Reader Views (03/10)


Karen Robards’ re-release of “Night Magic” is a very well-written, classic romance and suspense thriller featuring Clara Winston, a romance novelist who enjoys her single and not-so exciting personal life.  She is proud to be alone with her cats waiting for her prince charming to come, until a reference she made in one of her books is mistaken by KGB agents as a code for an international espionage and murder operation they were conducting linking her now to CIA agent Jack McCain.  Although she has never met him before, Clara now must put her trust in him as she finds herself on the run – with her cat Puff in tow – and Jack in a fight to save their lives.  The story starts out with a lot of drama and action in the very first chapter and continues on with a set of twists and turns that will hold you through to the very end of the book.  The story not only has plenty of steamy romance and sex but it is funny, clever and will leave you guessing to the very end.

At first I pictured Clara as being a mild, weak female character that would be very predictable, but I was actually surprised to see how her character evolved throughout the book into a true heroine that I ironically realized she truly was one all along.

The chemistry between Clara and Jack was intense and creative – which, like the rest of the book, keeps you guessing until the end.  The addition of Puff the cat in the story was instrumental and completely complementary to the characters and the storyline.  The way Karen Robards describes various details in the book was a bit lengthy in some areas but well thought out and provided the kind of realism that drew you into the story and kept you reading.   Being that this was a re-release I was concerned about the book being outdated, as it made references to older historical events, such as the Vietnam war as that would make the characters older than they were, but if you can get past that, then I think it held up to the test of time.  I would certainly recommend “Night Magic” to anyone interested in curling up with a blanket and seeking a good book to read.

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