Nine Women Revealed: Intimate Revelations of Nine Real Women in Images and Words by Gary D. Melton

Nine Women Revealed: Intimate Revelations of Nine Real Women in Images and Words
Gary D. Melton
Goofy Rooster Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9780984394043
Reviewed by Marty Shaw for Reader Views (06/10)


“Nine Women Revealed” is an example of a great idea that was sacrificed for a good, and possibly easier, idea. Mr. Melton’s original vision was focused on portraying everyday women; women who had no professional modeling experience. This vision would have provided accuracy to the title of the book. As it stands, the book is about nine models revealed. As the author explains it, this significant change came about because of the challenge involved with finding nine women who didn’t have any professional modeling experience. I think this would be a valid argument if he had been searching for subjects in California, but find it hard to believe he couldn’t accomplish this feat in Texas. Obtaining his original vision might have been easier if he hadn’t searched for subjects on a popular website for models and photographers.

The photography is described as artistic snapshots, and many of the pictures are successful at capturing the spirit of a ‘real’ woman in everyday life, such as disrobing for a shower or removing clothes in front of the washing machine. Others, though, seemed forced and didn’t mesh with the spirit of the book, but I’m honestly not sure how many women might work on their laptops while sitting on the toilet or walk around in lingerie and a football helmet.

The interviews provided an occasional insight, but the formulaic questions that were asked of all nine women could have been tailored to fit each individual, thus providing more depth to their personalities. It was interesting to see the view of one who feels that a woman has to have looks to make it in Hollywood, but guys can survive on talent alone. Discovering favorite colors and animals wasn’t nearly as insightful, and learning that PMS is uncomfortable and childbirth is painful isn’t revealing anything at all.

I would love to see Mr. Melton truly dedicate himself to his vision and bring his original idea to life, but this superficial glimpse, in “Nine Women Revealed,” at professional models, provides little personality and an uninspiring parade of flesh, leaving me to ask one important question – What was the point?

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