O, Wow: A Novel by Howard Jones

O, Wow: A Novel
Howard Jones
SPOTops Books (2010)
ISBN 9780578043197
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (06/10)


The author has taken all the world events that are happening today and placed those in the future. There is lack of regard for the law; people are running from disasters, while all around them there are abductions, slavery and general chaos.  Kristin Banner and Peter Dooley are trying to escape all this madness through the Holland Tunnel. Kristin is almost captured by slavers.  There is no method to this madness- it’s everyone out for himself or herself.

This really is satire in its fullest form.  Although highly entertaining, I had some misgivings about the author just jumping into the first chapter talking about Ants and Grasshoppers- I had no clue what he was talking about.  I would have liked some background before getting into the action.  There was no information about the author (background, writing experience) or anything that stated the purpose of the book, so I felt like I had to figure out this alone.  Any book that requires me to try to figure that out discourages me from reading it.

I will have to admit in support of the author, Science Fiction is not my forte. (The press release said it was a novel as well as the subtitle of the book says it’s a novel.) I have an open mind and am willing to learn about anything, but I can honestly say this book did nothing for me as a reader or reviewer.  As a Psychologist, I have a tendency to read books from that point of view and I do think this book gives one an idea about how events in the world today and in the future have an impact on individuals.

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