Pranayama: Path to Self Discovery…One Breath at a Time by Ravinder Jerath, MD

Pranayama: Path to Self Discovery…One Breath at a Time
Ravinder Jerath, MD
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781449005238
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (01/10)


Pranayama, a Sanskrit term derived from two words Prana and Ayama, means life force and control which extends to achieving “control over our lives one breath at a time.”  Dr. Jerath, a practicing gynecologist, created a concise and simple step-by-step instruction on how to attain this state of consciousness to live a stress-free fulfilled life.

Personally having knowledge of Pranayama, I admire how Dr. Jerath is able to simplify the information presented so that a beginner has full understanding of the terms, process, and results.  His book contains graphics of “before” and “after” displaying the importance of Pranayama in daily life.  An important aspect of his program is self-assessment.  He also provides references and links to sites for further information.

“Pranayama: Path to Self Discovery…One Breath at a Time” is a good place to start if your interest is in this method.  Many books complicate the simple system and that’s where Dr. Jeraths’ book differs; it doesn’t complicate the simple system.  It’s a great book for a novice.

The only drawback I saw in this book is the lack of proper formatting for the printing process.  Although it doesn’t detract from the information, at times it does make the reader stop and try to figure out where the sentence starts again because there is a graphic in the way for reading with flow.  Also, some of the graphics aren’t padded so the sentences run into the graphic.  However, as I said, the information is very valuable and I certainly would recommend “Pranayama: Path to Self Discovery” by Ravinder Jerath, MD, to a beginner, or someone that is just interested in learning more about Pranayama.

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