Psychic Self Defense and Protection: An Energy Awareness Guide by John Culbertson

Psychic Self Defense and Protection: An Energy Awareness Guide
John Culbertson
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432756192
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (04/10)


It has been a long time since I delved into mysticism and personal protection until a few days ago when I had a massage by a therapist I’ve never seen before.  She proceeded to tell me I had attachments that were draining my energy and needed to be removed.  I gave her permission to do so.  And, interestingly enough this book arrived for review a few days later.  Coincidence? Serendipity?  Or is there something in this book that I need to bring forward and address in my own life?

John Culbertson, in “Psychic Self Defense and Protection,” explains “we live in an energy sensitive world, and like it or not, psychic stress is part of that world.”  Believing in this concept, he offers us explanations as well as how to protect ourselves from the various ways our energy drains through attacks.

The realm that Culbertson talks about is either believed in or shunned due to imprinted beliefs.  I believe it’s important for the reader to peruse the first chapter because it explains the author’s belief system. I can venture to say that many skeptics will relate to his story and choose to continue to read further.

Being a former practitioner of aura cleansing and energetic protection, reading Culbertson’s book brought back many visions of experiences I had with clients as well as with myself.  As a practitioner, I was always in the “protection mode” not to take on my client’s energies.

As human beings living in this realm it is important to continually protect ourselves and Culbertson gently and concisely gives us guidance to do so.  I encourage the person who has been sitting on the sidelines wondering about this phenomenon to consider reading “Psychic Self Defense and Protection” and using Culbertson’s system of protection.  I know it works, but, you also have to believe in the possibilities before it will work for you.

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