Quest for Light: Adventure of the Magi by Byron Anderson

Quest for Light: Adventure of the Magi
Byron Anderson
Lighthouse Christian Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9780977376636
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (10/10)


Byron Anderson’s “Quest for Light” takes the reader on a geographical and spiritual journey from the palace of Balthazar, the High Priest of Asdin in Persia to the humble house of a carpenter in Bethlehem.

The personal backgrounds of Balthazar, Gaspar, and Melchoir are introduced through a combination of stories, antidotes, and incidents which include the dogma and myths that make up the Zoroaster’s system of belief. The book is based on both historical accounts of the period and on information drawn from the Hebrew Scriptures. Anderson’s character development and dialog drive the plot forward.

I personally found the details of preparation and plotting the routes of caravan travel, examining the scrolls and charts available at the time, and the information on anticipated dangers to be absorbing reading. Anderson’s work is creative and obviously well researched.

Anderson brings a fresh and unique perspective to the events and circumstances of Christ’s birth. Although the story is a fictional account of an historical event, the message is relative because of the current interest in the turmoil and unrest in Israel and the modern Middle East.

The format of this large print edition is user friendly. The easy to read font, white space, and quality binding add to the readability and enjoyment of the book. Anderson’s writing is insightful, thought provoking, and relevant. His style is fluent, expressive, and moving.

“Quest for Light” provides a balance of descriptive narrative, action, dialog and travelogue. The book presents an account of the Magi’s spiritual struggle, personal turmoil, and vexing adventure as they crossed Persia in search of the one true Messiah. Readers will be attracted to the Persian theme. Much of the Persian history central to the story occurred in areas that now encompass Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Muslim countries.

A colorful cast of characters are used to introduce the events and issues that influenced the Magi along their journey. Anderson takes us beyond Christmas card theology to discover God’s intrusion into their lives of the Magi and His purpose behind their story. It is Anderson’s intention that the spiritual message of “Quest for Light” and the role of the Magi in the nativity will appeal to a broad continuum of Christian readers.

“Quest for Light” will change the way you think about Israel and the countries of the Middle East. The book’s message is reliable and consistent with Christian teaching and the message of the first Christmas.  This account of the Magi’s journey and their witness is an ideal suggestion for Christmas gift giving.

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