Renting with Rex: How You, Your Pet, Your Landlord, and Your Neighbors Can All Thrive in Rental Housing by Jackie Phillips

Renting with Rex:  How You, Your Pet, Your Landlord, and Your Neighbors Can All Thrive in Rental Housing
Jackie Phillips
Lulu (2009)
ISBN 9780557063680
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (01/10)


“Renting with Rex” by Jackie Phillips is an informative book about how to increase your chances of being able to rent and own a pet at the same time.  The assumption is that many landlords will not rent to people with animals.  Ms. Phillips educates the readers about how to make it more likely for a dog owner (specifically) to be able to successfully rent.

The book is divided into thirteen chapters, with such topics as “Moving with Your Dog,” “Preventing Undesirable Behaviors,” and “Renting an Apartment as a Pet Owner.”  In addition to information on renting more successfully while owning a pet, Ms. Phillips also makes many positive recommendations for how to make sure the dog gets enough exercise, how to crate train a dog, what kinds of collars to use, and what toys are most effective for different sizes of dogs.  She stresses good animal health by promoting veterinarian visits.   The benefits of spaying or neutering your pet are also described.

It is obvious that Ms. Phillips loves dogs.  She has an extensive resume of working with animals and has seemingly devoted her life to protecting dogs and ensuring that they find good homes.  She seeks to give valuable advice.  I appreciate her advice and important information.  However, the book needs a more thorough editing.  There are many grammatical errors that take the reader away from the flow of the book.  Also, within each chapter there are numerous references made to see other chapters within the book “for more information.”  If the reader heeded her suggestion he would be constantly flipping around in the book.  The structure could be tighter with more thought given to the flow of the material and how it relates to the title of the chapter.  For example, when reading a section about exercising your dog, I had to look back at the chapter title to see why that information appeared where it did within the book.  The title was called “Acclimating Your Dog to Living in an Apartment.”   There was no clear written connection or transition into this exercise section.  Sometimes information was given that was more general to the care of dogs than to the specific intent of the title – to give readers advice in renting property while owning dogs.

I want to stress that Ms. Phillips information is valid and important.  Her heart is evident.  With another edit and thought to the flow of the book, I believe “Renting with Rex” will be a more effective tool for renters.

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