Savannah Classic Seafood: Recipes from Favorite Restaurants by Janice Shay

Savannah Classic Seafood:  Recipes from Favorite Restaurants
Janice Shay
Pelican Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781589807440
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (02/10)


I love seafood, especially when it is prepared the “Southern” way.  Janice Shay’s compilation of recipes from well-known and favorite restaurants not only gives an array of taste-bud teasers but colorful photographs to persuade the eye/brain to relish the outcome.

As a reviewer I’m asked to test three recipes and it’s always difficult to decide which ones.  I usually start with one that seems easy and for which I have all the ingredients.  It wasn’t hard to find everything in my fridge or pantry for “Watermelon and Wild Georgia Shrimp Salad” from Kayak Cafe.   I didn’t have the Georgia shrimp but I did have Texas bay shrimp which I’m sure were a close resemblance.  The combination of ingredients (watermelon, feta cheese, cilantro, garlic) with the shrimp, greens and seasonings surprised me, but the end result was to ‘die for.’  I have never combined watermelon and feta cheese but that’s what made the salad awesome.

The second recipe I tried was “She Crab Soup” from Olde Pink House.  The result was delicious but extremely rich. The thyme and celery was a good combination and added a slight flavor to the base.  A bowl of this soup with a side salad is all that one would need.  It was good.

“Shrimp & Grits” from Kasey’s Gourmet Grille was amazing.  I love grits and to combine it with my favorite seafood was a real treat.  Bell peppers, leek, smoked bacon and garlic added the flavors needed to this rich dish.  However, for me, the fried leek garnish is what topped it off.  Gourmet grits certainly makes a statement.

What can I say?  This is a keeper for sure.  We often go to restaurants and admire the presentation as well as take pleasure in the flavors presented.  With “Savannah Classic Seafood” by Janice Shay we can create the same ambiance in our own homes as the favorite restaurants featured in the cookbook.

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