Simple Slow Cooker Meals (Countertop Inspirations) Compiled by MariLee Parrish

Simple Slow Cooker Meals (Countertop Inspirations)
Compiled by MariLee Parrish
Barbour Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781602607422
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (02/10)


Using the slow cooker during the winter is one of my favorite ways of creating meals.  The result is nurturing, homey, and touches the soul.  As well, the house smells great all day.  Because of this I was thrilled to find yet another book with recipes to try out.  I was not disappointed with this one.

My biggest aha was a tip “Stir in dried spices during the last hour of cooking.  This will allow their flavors to be at their peak when the dish is served.  Use fresh herbs when possible.  These can be added first thing since they will hold their flavor better when cooking for hours.”   I’ve been cooking and reading recipes/tips for a long time and this is the first time I’ve read this.

The first recipe I tried was “Citrus Fish.”  It’s a very simple way of cooking fish. The result was flavorful and to my surprise the filets didn’t fall apart as I anticipated.  This is the first time I “baked” fish in a slow cooker and I’m very pleased with the result.

In the past I’ve only used the slow cooker for stews, pot roasts or casseroles.  I decided to try “Candied Carrots.”  The result was tasty and I liked the tang from the Dijon mustard.  I also liked the texture; it was different than the usual top-of-stove candied carrots.

When reviewing cookbooks we are asked to try out three recipes.  I wanted to try a stew – something I often do in a slow cooker.  So, I chose “Amazing Beef Stew” and we loved it.  I just know I’ll be making this one again.  The recipe called for chopped apples and apple cider along with the usual carrots and potatoes.  Oh my, this was the best I’ve ever tasted!

What can I say?  This little recipe book is a keeper!  It’s small, spiral bound, and doesn’t take room in the drawer or on the counter.  It would be a wonderful gift to give to a young person embarking on their own, or a young couple too busy to make meals after work.  My kudos to the compiler of this little gem titled “Simple Slow Cooker Meals.”

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