Smart Moves Management: Cultivating World Class People and Profits by John Thedford

Smart Moves Management: Cultivating World Class People and Profits
John Thedford
Emerald Book Company (2010)
ISBN 9781934572290
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (11/10)


“Smart Moves Management” is based on the success story of John Thedford’s company “Value Financial Services.” Thedford provides a model and strategic business plan using best business practices which are sustainable and profitable. The material is drawn from the Gallup Group Organization and other highly recognized sources. The book can be used as a template for success. John’s concepts are innovative. He develops an excellent balance of employee engagement, customer engagement, and profit per store.

The unique thing about “Smart Moves Management” is that Thedford translates theory and premise for successful business operations into actionable implementation which leads to consistent performance and profitability. Thedford emphasizes using the equation of the “smart moves triangle” which includes: investors, employees, and customers. Over forty smart moves are identified, explained, and summarized. Chapters included important information on results, wage strategy, and hiring. Keys on employee development include: The right fit and the right training. I especially appreciated the chapter key point summaries. John imparts vision, values, and purpose.

Performance ideas address team building, employee satisfaction, and production. Topics related to customer engagement address loyalty, profitability, and customer service. Another important issue which Thedford addresses answers the question how to measure the health of your company.

John writes for the general business audience, for prospective team members, current team members and business associates. The book is clearly written with outstanding graphics, charts, illustrations, and format for capturing information, assimilating concepts, and implementation of action steps which lead to putting the plans into motion.

“Smart Moves Management” is an excellent resource for establishing, reviewing, or revising your business plan and mission statement. The book is designed to be an ongoing guidebook for making, marking, and maintaining a profitable, actionable business plan for successful sustainable growth. “Smart Moves Management” is highly informational, rich in inspiration, and packed with engaging actionable keys to implementation.


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