Spirit by Andrew Feder

Andrew Feder
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781449023140
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (03/10)


Randall Lender is not very popular with The Clergy of the Major Organized Religions, the government and the New World Order.  Why?  Lender speaks the truth about them.  He vocalizes views that are contrary to these organizations.  He believes that you can find God without having to be a part of an organized structure that is designed to control the masses with fear.  People who read his works discover that he makes sense.  On a higher level, there are also dark forces at work that want to gain control of him.

While engaging in astral projection, Lender wakes up in the body of another man.  To add to the drama, this other man has just murdered a woman and is now on death row.  Lender has to figure out who he can trust, and how he can save himself from being disconnected from his Source.  His attorney, Sandy, is one of these people. She is also someone that he finds himself drawn to.  Sandy is able to see that Lender does not fit the character of the man whose body he is residing in.  Deciding to investigate further, she tracks down Lender’s daughter who also agrees that this person is her father.  Lender’s body is heavily guarded in a hospital in a coma.

As the drama increases, Lender and Sandy have to work against the clock to figure out what has happened and what they need to do to save him, before the murderer’s body is executed.  The more they investigate, the more truths come to light.  While Lender is imprisoned, Sandy is threatened by the Butcher, who had ordered the victim’s murder.  He wants the execution to go forward quickly, without full disclosure of the case.  He believes that the prisoner is claiming to be someone else to prove insanity.  Lender and Sandy both know the truth.

As Lender follows this journey, which on a higher level is a battle between Light and Darkness, both he and Sandy find that they have special abilities that are increasing.  Even the prison guards see events happen that they cannot explain.  As Lender is put on death row, the guards recognize that he is someone special.  Their lives begin to change.  Still working against the clock, Lender finally enters into a full blown battle with evil and struggles to survive.

Once again, Andrew Feder has written an incredibly suspenseful adventure novel.  Even though the paranormal touches take the reader beyond the mundane world, the characters are totally realistic.  Lender’s philosophical views show that he operates on a higher level; however, he also has physical needs that show that he is still a man.  It is interesting to see that as his character evolves so does those of his daughter and his attorney.  They are moving on to a higher level, while being faced with some very dark forces.  I highly recommend this novel, “Spirit.” Readers will enjoy both the story and the spiritual messages that they can apply to their own lives.

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