Stories to Enjoy by Tom Mach

Stories to Enjoy
Tom Mach
Hill Song Press (2010)
ISBN 9780974515915
Reviewed by Marissa Libbit for Reader Views (08/10)




“Stories to Enjoy” by Tom Mach is a collection of sixteen fictional short stories.  There is really no overriding theme as the stories move from subject to subject.  There are stories of murder such as in “The Crossword Puzzle Murders,” fantasy such as in “Stamp Prisoner,” and history such as in “The Plot to Kill Lincoln (Again).”   Each story is a few pages in length.  My favorite story was “Doll House” where the final scene caused me to gasp out loud in a disturbing sort of way.  I was surprised by the ending.

“Stories to Enjoy” can be picked up anytime you want to read a short story.  I really wanted the tales to stay with me, but few did.  While a couple surprised me, many were predictable with characters I did not connect with.  However, Mach has crafted stories with different characters and unusual premises that can interest short-story enthusiasts.

The large print makes reading easier and the edit is well done.  Whether reading on a car trip or before bed, “Stories to Enjoy” can take the reader out of reality for a bit

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