Tempted by a Warrior by Amanda Scott

Tempted by a Warrior
Amanda Scott
Hachette Book Group (2010)
ISBN 9780446561327
Reviewed Tracey Rock for Reader Views (07/10)


After two years of marriage to an abusive husband, seventeen-year-old Fiona Jardine still preferred to speak her mind knowing what the consequences could mean. Although Fiona is pregnant with their first child, this still does not stop Will Jardine from hitting and kicking his wife. Drunk and angry at Fiona for her most recent outburst, Will decides to teach Fiona a lesson. Only this time, he goes too far. Fiona was beaten so severely that she lost consciousness. The next day when she wakes up, she not only has no idea how she got to her room but learns that her husband is missing. Will’s father, Old Jardine, firmly believes that Fiona killed him. To try to keep Fiona in her place and away from his estate, Old Jardine sends for Will’s cousin, Richard Kirkhill to find out what happened to Will. In the event that Will is not found or is found dead, Old Jardine has willed that Richard is to become the guardian of Fiona’s unborn child and to look after Fiona and his estate. Since Richard was a family member, Fiona thought he would be just as abusive and callous as Will and his father. Within his search for what happened to Will, Fiona comes to trust Richard. Together they manage to run the estate and try to find out what happened to Will and somewhere along the way, they fall in love.

It took me awhile to write the review on “Tempted by a Warrior” because I couldn’t tell if I liked the book or not. I think the story had a good plot.
There was a type of mystery/romance storyline, but I guess I just couldn’t connect with the characters and there was nowhere for the story to really go. I think I was a little put off by the fact that she was only fifteen when she was married and how much of a diva she was. Also, the author introduced minor characters about a fourth of the way in the book with a storyline that ran in parallel with this one so I just found it hard to get through. Due to all that was going on in the book, I was glad to hurry up and finish it. Without the ending the book had, I probably wouldn’t have liked it all. I am still sitting on the fence on this one.

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