The 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook: The Ultimate in Effortless Holiday Entertaining by Marla Tipton

The 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook: The Ultimate in Effortless Holiday Entertaining
Marla Tipton
Barbour Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781602609563
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (08/10)


On the first flip-through of this cookbook my comments were “WOW!  This is awesome.”  And of course, it is.  I can hardly wait to try out more recipes other than the three that are required for the review.

The first recipe I tried was the one on the cover:  “Gingerbread.”  It was delicious!  Although the recipe says to put the batter into a 9-inch square pan, cut in squares and top with whipped topping I decided to be more creative and present it like the photograph.  The cake was sliced cross-wise into three layers and the topping put in between layers, leaving the sides of the cake exposed.  The presentation was vintage and much adored.

The second recipe I made was “Strawberry Pretzel Salad.” Looking at the ingredients I just couldn’t fathom that it would be edible let alone enjoyed. However, once I started making it I realized it will be delicious.  And, it was.  The salty pretzel crust toned down the sweet cream cheese mixture that was the next layer.  The frozen strawberries and pineapple mixed in strawberry flavored gelatin added a colorful layer.  The recipe is large – 12 to 15 servings.  I have no doubt it would be enjoyed not only as a salad but more so as a desert.

The third recipe I made was “White Chili.”  The cumin and oregano gave the chili a distinct flavor.  I also liked the idea of adding the Monterey Jack cheese to the chili itself rather than sprinkling it on top. The consistency was thicker.  Delicious.

The presentation in “The 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook” is wonderful. The pages are glossy and the pictures are bright and depict the dishes colorfully.  The content is also unique.  Marla Tipton recites the 12 Days of Christmas in her own way:

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
An Appetizer on a Platter………9 [page]

On the second day of Christmas my true love sent to me:
Two Beverages a Blending…….25 [page]

This book is not only a keeper, but also a wonderful gift for someone you know that loves to try out new recipes.  As I flipped through the book I noticed that most ingredients can be found in the kitchen pantry or definitely at a nearby grocery store.  I highly recommend “The 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook.”  I promise you won’t be sorry!

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