The Art of Cosmic Vision: Practices for Improving Your Eyesight by Mantak Chia and Robert T. Lewanski

The Art of Cosmic Vision: Practices for Improving Your Eyesight
Mantak Chia and Robert T. Lewanski
Destiny Books (2010)
ISBN 9781594772931
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (08/10)


According to the latest data, nearly half of the population of the United States wears corrective lenses.  Western medicine treats issues with eyesight separately from general health but according to Eastern health practices eye problems are connected to issues with either the liver or kidneys. “The Art of Cosmic Vision” gives the reader Taoist healing exercises to strengthen and tone these organs.

For example, one such exercise is “foot slapping to invigorate the kidneys and nourish the eyes and liver.”  According to Chia and Lewanski, by slapping the bottom of the feet you “draw the energy of the earth into your body” and “harmonize the heart and kidneys.  When the kidneys become healthy and vigorous, they nourish the liver, which also enhances the eyesight for near and far vision.”

This is only one example but the book is full of them. The authors cover self-healing massage, nutritional secrets and protocol for optimum health.  As well, the authors give exercises to strengthen the muscles around the eyes.

I believe Chia and Lewanski have a system that may work for our Western society. Combined with their methods and the desire to correct our vision, “The Art of Cosmic Vision” is a tool that does make the change.  However, like all healing methods, we have to make the inner choice whether or not we want to improve our sight naturally.  The use of corrective lenses gives us an easy way out.  I encourage readers to consider the methods presented because they do work, if you work them.

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