The Blue Moon Café: A Novel by Rick R. Reed

The Blue Moon Café: A Novel
Rick R. Reed
Amber Quill Press (2010)
ISBN 9781602728028
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (09/10)


Author Rick R. Reed has written an exceptional novel that includes everything readers would want: love, relationships, erotica and, of course, suspense.  Just the prologue alone will make readers not want to put the book down.

Thad Matthews is a single, young gay male who has lost his job. In fact, he has lost his spirit for living. Deciding he couldn’t clean his studio apartment any more or just lay around he decides to go for a run to clear his mind. As he wastes another day, he decides to try out a new café that he has passed numerous times called The Blue Moon Café. What he didn’t expect was he would meet the love of his life in this unusual café. Sam Lupino was the man of his dreams- dark, handsome, and can cook. However, there is something very mysterious about Sam. Thad can see the lust in his eyes as he and Sam continue to get to know each other. But something says Sam is not ready for any commitment.

When Thad decides that he needs to get on with his life, he meets Jared at the local Aids Alliance and they hit it off right away. Just when Thad thinks he is over is “thing” for Sam, Sam reappears in his life. What confuses Thad is that Sam disappears monthly without saying any word about where he is going on when he will return. Sam offers many excuses as to why he can’t commit to a relationship.

As the days and weeks go on, there are brutal murders of gays in the community and no one can offer an explanation of why this is happening. But one thing for sure is Thad doesn’t want to be one of the dead. During the course of this time Thad continues to have nightmares and doesn’t understand why, but he feels someone is watching him very closely.

The descriptions of the characters are well developed and you can almost feel the heat in bodies of Sam and Thad. Adding to the mixture is this monster that is killing off gay men. The author provides vivid scenes where readers can relive what this animal is thinking and his quest to capture his game. “The Blue Moon Café” is a book that has everything a reader would want and it is hard to put down.

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