The Cake and Cookie Closet: All Dolled up in Sugar by Debra J. Mosely

The Cake and Cookie Closet:  All Dolled up in Sugar
Debra J. Mosely
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781438971339
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (04/10)


I smiled when I picked up this book for review because it catapulted me back 30-35 years ago when I made doll cakes for our daughter’s and her friend’s birthdays. No different than now, little girls love dolls and transforming them into cakes continues to be a magnificent idea. The end result can be breathtaking and watching the children’s eyes is magical.

However, doll cakes aren’t only for little girls.  Debra gives step-by-step instructions that are clear on how to make dolls for other occasions.  For example, she dresses a doll in a bridal gown.  This would make a wonderful centerpiece for a bridal shower.

But, there is more to this book. It’s not only on how to create doll cakes.  Mosely shows us how to make shoes and boots from molds and decorate them in various ways, and she also helps us create hats from cupcakes.   And, then there are cookies that are pants, purses, tiaras, rings, and belts.   How ingenious!

At the end of the book Mosely gives storage and transportation tips, as well as gift and party ideas. Also, she gives recipes for the cakes and cookies used for decorating.

It’s obvious that Debra J. Mosely is a talented and creative woman who is willing to share her ideas, tips, and gifts with others in “The Cake and Cookie Closet.”   Her instructions are very clear and the photos in the book display an end result that is not only pleasing to the eye but magical.  She takes all the mystery out of creating an end product that is delightful, and will certainly bring on many “wows” from onlookers, and “yumm!” from those who indulge in tasting these creations.

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