The Gathering Storm in the Middle East by Robert Thomas Fertig

The Gathering Storm in the Middle East
Robert Thomas Fertig
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432752262
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (07/10)


The author certainly has done his research and knows about the conditions in the Middle East that involve the military, scud missiles and corruption. His ability to keep readers entertained with the historical facts, as well as romance and corruption, adds to the excitement. There is just enough of each to add to this espionage book.

Richard Rinaldi has been leading a boring life for a long time. He continues to put up with corporate craziness and a marriage that really does nothing for him. In his quest to find more meaning for his life, he accepts a job that will take him to Iran and Monte Carlo. It means moving his wife and family, but he really needs this. He has no idea how these events will turn out. He has no idea that there are so many beautiful women out there as well as beautiful cities and towns.

He meets Eva who is wild, passionate and domineering. Really a spoiled brat, but there is something about her he can’t do without. Later, Eva finds that Richard won’t give her what she wants and she seeks the passion and money of big-time fraud Victor Cruz. Together, she and Victor enter into illegal business deals that land Richard and Victor in the most terrible of prisons.

In comes Anne, intelligent, passionate yet reserved and involved with shady characters in the Middle East. Her job is to rescue Richard so he can rescue her. Anne’s job is to deliver high tech computers to the Middle East, which gets her into assaultive relationships. Both Anne and Richard know they love each other, but are still searching for what is right- not only for them but with God.

Never in Richard’s mind did he think that overseas governments could be so corrupt- it is “guilty until proven innocent.” Regardless of what he does or says- no one listens to him. Confronted by Iran, Syria and the Obama administration, Richard is spiraling down and he doesn’t know if he will ever get up.

The author has done an extraordinary job of describing events, corruption and seedy characters. Readers will feel as if they are right there following Richard. “The Gathering Storm in the Middle East” is scary, informational and very entertaining.

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