The Honey Prescription: The Amazing Power of Honey as Medicine by Nathaniel Altman

The Honey Prescription: The Amazing Power of Honey as Medicine
Nathaniel Altman
Healing Arts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781594773464
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (08/10)


The use of honey as a healing property has been part of ancient wisdom for thousands of years. Egyptian, Greek and Assyrian physicians, Mayan Shamans, Chinese doctors, and Indian Ayurveda practitioners used honey and propolis as part of their compounds or cures for centuries.  As well, current study by the University of Waitkato in New Zealand has led scientists to explore the benefits and properties to further the knowledge of this natural substance and its healing properties. Not only does honey have healing properties, it also has the ability to kill E. coli and staphylococcus aureus.

I was amazed to find out that honey removed dead tissue and foreign matter from a wound. It not only kills the bacteria in the wound but it serves as a protective barrier.   This same goes for treatment of burns.  Not only does it kill the bacteria but it also reduces inflammation and edema.

Honey has been known to heal intestinal disorders, coughing, salmonella, infantile gastroenteritis and oral issues. It helps in body health by providing antioxidants, aiding in mineral absorption and promoting sleep.

Based on scientific research Nathaniel Altman provides a concise and educational compilation of useful information on using honey for achieving and maintaining optimum health.  As well, “The Honey Prescription” includes recipes for remedies for internal and external healing.

Personally I’ve been brought up on honey and have used it all my life.  However, what was enlightening to me when reading “The Honey Prescription” was all the uses and properties of honey.  I am delighted to learn of all the healing modalities honey actually has and will be creating my own compounds.  Concise, informative, and helpful, “The Honey Prescription” gives the reader healing tools to heal or maintain a healthy body.  I encourage you to take responsibility for your own health and maintain it the natural way – the honey way.

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