The Lottery Eliminator: Pick 3 & Pick 4 by Dawn Lemke and Trisha M. Wilson

The Lottery Eliminator: Pick 3 & Pick 4
Dawn Lemke and Trisha M. Wilson
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432761646
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (12/10)


As someone who does not frequently play the lottery, I thought I would check out this book to see how to increase my chances for success.  According to the authors, this book is “a collection of number sequences…that are tried and true and are proven to make you money.”  They suggest relying on luck, astrology, or difficult math equations are no longer necessary.  It sounded pretty good; then I turned the page.  The rest of the book was simply the numbers 000 through 999 (for pick 3) and 0000 through 9999 (for pick 4) printed in a chart so they can be crossed out once the number has been a winning lottery number.  There is also a chart of combinations of numbers that supposedly increase the participant’s chances of winning (i.e., the exact digits appearing in the specific order or the correct digits appearing in any order.  For example, if the player selected 4231 but the number drawn was 3214 she would also win but usually a smaller amount of money.)

I obtained one year’s worth of winning pick 3 and pick 4 numbers from the Louisiana Lottery website.  I diligently went through the book crossing out the winning numbers.  However, after nine months worth of data, I became bored and started analyzing the information.  If there was some kind of pattern, I could not see it.  The authors provide no guidance on how to use the data.  Was I supposed to play the numbers that had not yet been eliminated?  If drawings are random, that would not make any difference.  Are there increased instances of three or four digits coming up more often that the individual should play in combination?  If so, a computer program would be much easier and more accurate than human interpretation.  After careful analysis of the nine months of data, I decided to predict the winning numbers for the following week.  Amazingly I was not even close.

I find it interesting that the authors of “The Lottery Eliminator: Pick 3 & Pick 4” give “advice” on winning the lottery but do not state anywhere how often, if ever, their system has been successful for them.  I think they hoped people would see the title of the book and buy it in hopes of getting rich.  My advice is to spend the $30 suggested retail price on quick pick tickets instead.  The return on your investment will be just as good.


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