The Power of Sound: How to be Healthy and Productive Using Music and Sound (2nd edition)(with CD) by Joshua Leeds

The Power of Sound: How to be Healthy and Productive Using Music and Sound (2nd edition)(with CD)
Joshua Leeds
Healing Arts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781594773501
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (10/10)


As a former psychosynthesis therapist, I used music as part of the healing modality so I was interested in reviewing “The Power of Sound” to see what Joshua Leeds has to say.  I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.  Much of what he said only confirmed what I knew or experienced, however, I did learn some aspects that I wasn’t aware of.

As a dog lover, I was specifically interested in studies that were done with them.  One pilot summary indicates that “70 percent of anxiety behaviors were reduced with psychoacoustically designed music.”  “CDs calmed the dogs enough to make them lie down.”  I found this fascinating and although I do have a calm dog, I decided to play soft classical music for her when she is sleeping.

However, this book isn’t about dogs or animals; it is about humans using music for better health, disposition, and environment.  Leeds alludes to countless research that has been done over the years of how music affects the brain.  He states “There are many things to consider when it comes to application-specific sound tracks. Drone, repetition, rhythm, harmony, melody, timbre, form, intent, the iso principle, harmonics, acoustics, synthesis…these are the basic building blocks of music regardless of the intent.  But when the intent is music that informs and supports positive outcomes in human function, a different sensibility moves in.”  He further states that “The complexity comes in the interrelationship of sound and body.  Psychoacoustically, we play two instruments – that of tone and that of body.”  This clearly indicates that our bodies respond to music and using it for healing or health maintenance gives us balance and vibrant health.

Used for basic understanding, either for personal or professional use, “The Power of Sound” is a powerful tool at its best.  Leeds, through his thorough research, is giving us a glimpse into another world of music.  (By-the-way, the 75-minute CD of psychoacoustically designed classical music is awesome!)

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