The Target: The Secret to Superior Performance by Stephen J. Blakesley

The Target: The Secret to Superior Performance
Stephen J. Blakesley
Tate Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781616630294
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (08/10)


For me, this book couldn’t have come in for review at a better time than now as I was in the midst of hiring a new staff member to relieve me of some of my duties.  Lack of staff was preventing me from moving forward with the business and attaining my goals.

The first “secret” I learned was the need for definition, acceptance and pursuit.  I had those covered.  My next step was the job fit.  Blakesley states “Matching the strengths and talents of the individual to the needs of the job are essential to superior performance.”  However, as he points out, there must be clear definition of the job, not only including duties and responsibilities, but also defining minimum acceptance and superior performance.

Blakesley’s step-by-step process helps the reader understand the importance of clarity of the end-all goals of the company as well as the expectations of the employees. But, ultimately it all has to start within the hiring manager himself or herself. Unless they are clear with themselves, they will not be able to hire a superior performing employee.

“The Target” by Blakesley is an important manual for any manager or business owner.  Unless it is a one-person company, it will include the need of hiring employees.  And, we all expect superior performance from those employees.  Blakesley gives us the tools to put our expectations into reality.

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