U.S. Grown: To Survive A Nation Must Feed Itself by Herman Franck, Esq.

U.S. Grown: To Survive A Nation Must Feed Itself
Herman Franck, Esq.
BookSurge (2009)
ISBN 9781439209943
Reviewed by Marty Shaw for Reader Views (06/10)

Do you know where the food you eat comes from? The answers might shock you. “U.S. Grown” provides a detailed look at how the United States measures up, and shows how the nation could face a serious problem of becoming dependent on other nations to feed us.
Filled with a lot of information from various places, including the U.S. International Trade Commission and the Economic Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “U.S. Grown” shows us how important it is for the United States to stop ignoring the agricultural industries that are here, instead of relying on overseas imports to feed the nation.

While the book does get a bit repetitive with their slogan, “To survive, a nation must feed itself,” it is a message worth taking to heart. I was shocked to discover the levels at which our own farmlands are being neglected in favor of receiving the same products from a foreign location. From Maui pineapples that no longer come from Hawaii to the incredible imbalance in the amounts of seafood the U.S. imports and exports, a bleak picture is drawn. As the nation outsources more and more of our food production, the more dependent we become on outside sources for survival.

Food is a necessity and the author shows us with detailed studies, charts, and lists that we are on the brink of not being able to provide for our own. In addition to showing the current state of affairs in agricultural production, solutions are offered as well. U.S.
Grown, the company, wants to establish a system where consumers can actually see where the groceries they’re buying are coming from, and they want the information to be proudly displayed so it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to locate the country of origin.

The process behind this system hinges on the belief that consumers will gladly pay slightly more, if necessary, to assure the quality of their food products while strengthening our own agricultural workforce at the same time.

I was one of those who never gave a second thought to where my food was coming from secure in the belief that our expansive farmlands and cattle ranches were providing the bulk of the food I ate. Since reading this book, I will be making a more conscious effort to determine where my food is coming from.

“U.S. Grown: To Survive A Nation Must Feed Itself” is an eye-opener that will appeal to anyone interested in the food industry, farming, or finding ways to ensure their money that is being spent on groceries is actually helping our own food producers.

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