Voice of Conscience by Behcet Kaya

Voice of Conscience
Behcet Kaya
AuthorHouse (2009)
ISBN 9781449014537
Reviewed by Marcy Blesy for Reader Views (1/10)


“Voice of Conscience” by Behcet Kaya draws the reader in from the beginning.  Divided into three parts, the first begins in Turkey.  The culture is well-described, setting up the values and traditions of the story’s main character, Ramzi Ozcomert.  When a tragedy befalls Ramzi’s family, he flees Turkey to London, where most of the second part of the book takes place.  Though he flees the physical location of his heartaches, he never loses his memories.  The memories, coupled with his strong roots in tradition haunt him throughout his life.  While in London, Ramzi meets the love of his life, Megan.  American-bred Megan brings Ramzi to a new life in America, where much of the third part of the book takes place.

Without wanting to give too many details away, I will tell you that you will become emotionally involved in the lives of the characters.  While Mr. Kaya spends varying amounts of time on individual characters, he captures their essence well.  The characters all impact the life of Ramzi.  He struggles to make a good life for himself and his family, but remains haunted by his past and his desire to defend the honor of his parents.   Internal struggles dominate his life despite his wife’s love for him.

To me, a sign of a good book is the author’s ability to make you want the main character to succeed despite his flaws.  Mr. Kaya did that for me.  I wanted Ramzi to be happy and find a way to make peace with his history.  I wanted him to love his wife passionately and faithfully.  I loved and hated him for decisions that he made throughout the book.   The pace of the well-written story was appropriate and kept me turning the pages.

I highly recommend “Voice of Conscience” by Behcet Kaya.  The story is soundly thought out with many twists and turns.  Surprises will play with your emotions.  Be prepared to root for Ramzi despite the burdens he feels he must account for.

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