Water Landing by Jonathan Slusher

Water Landing
Jonathan Slusher
Cow Chip Press (2009)
ISBN 9780578029825
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (1/10)


Many of us have gone through life thinking about our past and the things we should have done. This is no different for Luke Kettle. He doesn’t like his job and spends large amounts of time thinking about an old girlfriend named Sara.  After years of non-contact, Sara comes back into his life- the only problem is Sara is dying. It’s amazing how one day a good friend or past love can be in your life and then the next day gone.

Sara’s dad asks Luke to read a special poem at her funeral. Luke thinks it will be ok- but he’s not really sure. During his trip back for the funeral he encounters old friends, old haunts and family that he has put into his past.  Putting off calling or visiting Sara’s parents, Luke decides he needs to do this. What he didn’t expect was the outward love Sara’s dad had for him and how good he was for his daughter.

Jonathan Slusher has given a wonderful, passionate look at life through Luke’s eyes and heart. When you read “Water Landing” it is as if you are just sitting with Luke and having a conversation. He will tell you throughout the book that he is in a bad way and digresses from his story.  This is a book you can’t put down and after you have read it, you will contemplate are you doing all you can with your life or are you living in the past?

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