Worshipping with Dementia: Mediations, Scriptures and Prayers for Sufferers and Carers by Louise Morse

Worshipping with Dementia: Mediations, Scriptures and Prayers for Sufferers and Carers
Louise Morse
Monarch Books (2010)
ISBN 9781854249319
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (09/10)

Louise Morse encourages the reader to discover the Holy Spirit’s capacity for unlocking the confused mind of victims of dementia through times of worship.  “Worshipping with Dementia” is made up of a rich selection of devotional mediations, scriptures, prayers, songs, and familiar hymns.

The introductory chapters include words of encouragement for the care-giver as well as important suggestions for using the various elements of worship, personal visits, and gift of touch to bring a good feeling to your loved one, “even if the person can’t remember why they feel good.” Beautiful illustrations, examples, and reminders of how the Holy Spirit is ministering, communicating, and comforting in ways we can’t see fill the pages of these chapters.

The chapters that follow are made up of devotional chapters which include a theme, a selected scripture, and short lesson or narrative with an uplifting inspiration message. A thoughtful prayer and the words of a well-chosen hymn complement the thematic nature of the meditation.

The selected themes include thoughts on contentment, friendship, God’s provision, his purpose, and the precious gift of salvation. A favorite of many will be the familiar premise “The Lord is My Shepherd” from the 23rd Psalm. This meditation includes a hymn from the Scottish Psalter dating back to the year 1650.

I appreciate the simplicity of the format, directness of each element of the narrative, and the care in selecting the prayers and hymns chosen to open a fleeting moment of “break through” for the person with dementia. Contributors to the book have all experienced, first hand, the benefits and blessing of worshipping with these “pilgrims and saints” at various stages of their journey through the “shadow lands” of dementia.

“Worshipping with Dementia” is a unique compilation of inspirational meditations, scriptures, prayers, and hymns.  Louise Morse’s writing continues to bring cutting edge insights into the care of an ever increasing number of those afflicted with dementia. This new work is another important resource for caregivers, pastors, and medical professionals.

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