A Farm in the South Pacific Sea by Jan Walker

A Farm in the South Pacific Sea
Jan Walker
Plicata Press (2011)
ISBN 9780982820520
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (6/11)


In 1967, American June Sandusky decided to uproot herself from the states and go to the Kingdom of Tonga to start a spiny lobster farm.  At forty-years of age, she had been divorced three times, and lost the love of her life in WWII.  Looking to enrich her life, by making a difference for others, June sold off her possessions and relocated to an island in the South Pacific Sea.

When she arrived, the natives were displeased to see that she was a woman.  While women’s rights in the United States were limited at this time, in the Kingdom of Tonga, they were virtually non-existent.  June had to overcome the opposition she received from the males and prove herself.  In accomplishing this task, she also set a great example for the women of this place.

While June worked hard to overcome barriers placed in her way, she also met a very special man who unfortunately was settled in an arranged marriage. Her relationship with him played a huge role in her life during her time on the islands.  In addition to falling for this man, June also found herself developing close relationships with many of the natives.  Unfortunately, she encountered a few people who tried to ensure that she not only would fail, but she would also be demeaned in the process.  This opposition seemed to make June even more determined to succeed.

When I started reading “A Farm in the South Pacific Sea,” I found myself totally wrapped up in June’s story.  The author Jan Walker made me feel like I was walking on the beach alongside June.  She also did an outstanding job of taking us into her heart and soul so that we could understand and relate to everything that was happening to her in the story. When I reached the end of the book and discovered that it was based upon the life of her cousin, I was both surprised and grateful that she had the chance to share her cousin’s amazing adventure with us.

“A Farm in the South Pacific Sea” will make a very strong impression on those who read it.  The feelings and thoughts that I experienced, while reading about the incredible journey that a real woman took, stayed with me for a long time after I finished reading the book. I highly recommend reading this amazing story.

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