And It Was Full of Light! : Finding the courage to overcome homophobic bullying and hate by Robert W. Littlefield

And It Was Full of Light! : Finding the courage to overcome homophobic bullying and hate
Robert W. Littlefield
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452054926
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (5/11)

This is a tough story to tell but the main character, Bobby Fowler, tells it with flair. Bobby Fowler is a young, orphaned, high-school kid that is gay and admits it. He tells his story beginning with a few chapters on his two friends and his life as an orphan. He mentions the school’s star quarterback, Kyle Faulkner, and describes the following this young man has; he is the most popular boy in the school and Bobby likes him too.

Bobby then tells how he was jumped and beaten by some school thugs because of his sexual preference. Had it not been for Kyle, he probably would have died. But thanks to Kyle, Bobby’s life is saved and he makes a very slow recovery.

His life slowly gets back to normal and he meets a college sophomore named Matt that is going to take him to his prom. But those aspirations are quickly dashed when he is called to the principal’s office and told he cannot bring a male date to the prom.

The book continues with Bobby’s struggles at school and in his personal life. He leaves for college after graduation and the final chapter has a very happy ending.

“And It Was Full of Light!” is a fast-paced and interesting of a good quality, both in its writing and composition. I gave it a high mark of a B and consider it a good read for anyone who is interested in reading about a man of the gay persuasion. It is not necessarily a general audience book because of the subject matter and the 353 pages will not make it a quick read but aside from that, it was a good storyline.

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