Any Given Sunday (eBook) by Marci Carr

Any Given Sunday (eBook)
Marci Carr
Ellora’s Cave (2011)
ISBN 9781419932724
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (3/11)


While in college, Sean, Lauren and Chad were best friends.  Chad and Sean have been close since high school. Things began to change for them when Sean and Lauren became an item.  With the three of them living together Chad feels left out, and Lauren and Sean both feel like something is missing from their almost perfect relationship.  They have an idea what, or who it is, but neither wants to mention it to the other.

When Lauren has to do an assignment for her Human Sexuality class, the opportunity to try to fix what is lacking presents itself.  Lauren has to research the role of a submissive.  Sean is more than willing to help her out with doing her homework.  When Lauren admits that she would like Chad to be involved as well, Sean is intrigued and Chad is excited.  So the trio agrees that for the next three Sundays, Lauren will be submissive to whatever Chad and Sean have in store for her.

At first, everything seems to be going wonderfully well. Chad finally is able to act on his emotional and sexual desires for Lauren, and since Sean is present, there are no deceptions.  But still, something seems to be missing for Sean and Chad. Lauren figures it out first when she notices how the two men gaze at each other.  Taking things to the next level can make or break their friendships. Lauren has to intervene to see that they make it.

“Any Given Sunday” is a well-written, erotic fantasy that in addition to providing a great escape, it also made me step out of my comfort zone and look at relationships from a different perspective.  I enjoyed the opportunity to try to expand my thinking.  When I was done reading it, I also enjoyed stepping back into the comfort zone of my own reality.  The beautiful thing about erotic fiction is that a book such as “Any Given Sunday,” can take us off into a beautiful fantasy, yet still allow us to return back into our own realities without having to deal with any consequences!

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