A View of The Republic: Contemporary Observations About American Society by John Desantis

A View of The Republic: Contemporary Observations About American Society
John Desantis
AuthorHouse (2010)
ISBN 9781452073248
Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (5/11)


It did not take me very long to finish reading “A View of The Republic.” At a less than a hundred pages of rather large, double spaced font, this turned out to be a quick read. Its subtitle, “Contemporary Observations About American Society,” sounded really promising. Like most other people, I have a slew of opinions about what’s going on in our world nowadays, and I was very curious about observations from somebody who professed to be just an ordinary citizen with concerns that touch us all.

The table of contents listed eight topics, a few of them quite intriguing: The American People; The Government, the lesser of two evils; The Media; Our Courts, Law Enforcement; Education, Our Economy, Families and Hollywood. I am certain that every single one of us feels strongly about at least a couple of those. While I am not going to go into which of author’s views I agreed with and which I did not, I can say that I was severely disappointed. Frankly speaking, I really did not know exactly what to expect, but what I got was… not much. It contains a lot of bashing of political figures, interestingly enough from both sides. Neither Democrats nor Republicans escaped the author’s disdain and scorn – lots of opinions, but no solutions, which left me wondering what exactly was the author’s intent? Simply saying ugly things about others? Please bear in mind that I am not commenting on whether Mr. Desantis was right or wrong about those issues, but merely that such criticism without any real solutions seems pretty pointless to me.

To make matters worse, the writing style and the grammar were less than stellar. This is another example of a self-published book that is really badly in need of proofreading. If we only take a look at the back cover, the improper use of the apostrophes is quite abysmal. “Although some may agree with what the author say’s and some may not…” “John was educated at Fordham University in New York City where he earned degree’s in economics and political science.” Call me a nit-picker, but such lack of attention to detail simply diminishes any credibility for me.

While I commend Mr. Desantis for taking the time to write about what worries and pains him about this country, I simply wish “A View of The Republic” would have been more than an attack on a number of public personalities.

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