Basic Steps for Starting a New Business: Avoiding Zaps, Traps, and Pitfalls by R. W.

Basic Steps for Starting a New Business: Avoiding Zaps, Traps, and Pitfalls
R. W.
Llumina Press (2010)
ISBN 9781605944685
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (2/11)


On page one of “Basic Steps for Starting a New Business” R. W. states “My purpose is to try to help (by way of this manuscript) you find a suitable way to start and push your business to the next level….The first step will get you going.  If you go the wrong way, it is likely because you started wrong.  Watch your step.  It is important to know why you are doing this.”

Continuing from this page and statement, R. W. gives the reader some basic information on starting a business.  He covers areas such as researching to be sure you know about the venue and focusing on establishing the business as well as cautions. The rest of the book consists of a checklist and workbook style questions. Each page has a question, for example, “What is the cost of getting started?” with space to write in your answers. At the back of the book, R. W. gives a sample business plan.

The author is adamant that taking a job for at least six months in the area of interest before starting a business is important.  He claims “If you are not good enough to be promoted by then, don’t even think about this as your new life.  You may not be stupid, but if you cannot be promoted while working for someone that knows the business, you will not be able to survive in it, and if you cannot see what I’m am trying to get across to you, you really are stupid, AND YOU ARE DESTINED TO FAIL.”

“Basic Steps for Starting a New Business” is only 63 pages but has some important information.  Although this isn’t the only book you will need to start a business, it does give the reader preliminary thoughts to consider and ponder.  I also believe that writing down the answer in the space provided will give clarity and I commend author, R. W. for providing that avenue.


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