Berried in Chocolate: How I Built a Multimillion-Dollar Business by Doing What I Love to Do and How You Can Too by Shari Fitzpatrick

Berried in Chocolate: How I Built a Multimillion-Dollar Business by Doing What I Love to Do and How You Can Too
Shari Fitzpatrick
Pelican Publishing (2010)
ISBN 9781589808812
Reviewed by Kathleen Dowdell for Reader Views (3/11)


“Berried in Chocolate” is a 223-page motivational, spiritual, and business memoir. Listed in the business genre, I had trouble extrapolating business tips that would help an entrepreneur start a business. In the introduction, author Shari Fitzpatrick takes a few pages to explain her background. Not necessary. She references her life and accomplishments throughout the book. But it does give the reader a starting point of where this book is going. If one is smart enough to catch on within the first couple of chapters, one could easily skim through the book in one sitting.

If you are looking for a how-to build a multimillion-dollar business by just loving what you do, you will need to look further. The book is entertaining but I feel like I learned more about Shari and her family than how to build a multimillion-dollar business like the title implies. To be fair, although she has led an exciting life and met many celebrities, she has worked extremely hard in solidifying her achievements and business contacts and could easily be called a workaholic. She has had influential role models and family support along the way. Sixteen pages are devoted to pictures of her and her family.

As a child Shari loved strawberries. She would help her father pick strawberries from the strawberry patch so her mom could make pies. She would pick one to put in the bucket and two to put in her mouth. After high school and a couple of years of college Shari envisioned a number of careers that she might embark upon. Not really certain of what she wanted to do with her life, she accepted a job as a mortgage broker from her stepbrother although she had no experience in this field. The job was okay but she wasn’t having any fun.

The fun she finally found was making people happy by creating strawberry products. Creativity and determination abounded propelling her to a multimillion-dollar business. Her company, the Berry Factory, is located near Sacramento where the best strawberries are grown. Her work ethic is outstanding and her faith in God directs her in all decision making. Her motto is God first, family second and business third. It works. She treats her customers as one-of-a-kind individuals. Her products are top of the line. If she or her staff makes a mistake she fixes it two-fold. Her staff love working at the Berry Factory. For Shari it’s a dream of a life time.

“Berried in Chocolate” is casual and upbeat and makes for light reading. Included in each chapter are “A Berry Good Tip” and a “secret recipe.” It might be fun to engage family members in trying her secret recipes.

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