Better Food for Dogs: A complete cookbook and nutrition guide by David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M

Better Food for Dogs: A complete cookbook and nutrition guide
David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton and Dr. Grant Nixon, D.V.M
Robert Rose Publishing (2002)
ISBN 9780778800569
Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (2/11)


I am a firm believer that home cooked food for dogs is much more nutritious and more pleasant tasting than commercial products.  Besides, when food is home cooked, the owners at least know what their dogs are eating.  I’ve been cooking food for our rescued dogs from the time they arrived in our home.  I truly believe that feeding them this food brought them to a healthy stage and is maintaining it there.  They no longer have skin issues or digestive disorders. Their energy level is high (even for old dogs) and their coats are fantastic.

I was specifically pleased to see “Better Food for Dogs” was written by a Veterinarian because many in that field do not support home cooked meals for dogs.  I believe that is because many owners don’ take the time and effort to be sure the meal is balanced and the animal receives the nutrients it needs.

This book is terrific and certainly is geared toward a dog owner that wants to transition from commercial food to home cooked food.  The authors cover things like processed food, diet and health, raw-food diets, fasting, vegetarian dogs, and health problems.  They also address diet formulation, formulas, nutrient sources, and feeding dogs with special needs and puppies.  I believe they’ve covered everything necessary for a dog owner to know.

For the purpose of reviews that include recipes we are to test three.  I decided this would be a perfect way to see if our dogs would be willing to eat something different than what I’ve been cooking.  So, the first recipe I tested was “Basic Vegetable-and-Fruit Mixes.”  (This is the basic mix used in other recipes.) The veggies included carrot, tomato, green beans, green peas and corn kernels.  The fruit was apple and blueberries. Aside from the carrot, tomato and fruit the veggies were cooked.  After combined I placed them into the food processor to break it down to a consistency the dogs could eat.

The second recipe I tested was “Beef and Rice.”  Using the veggie/fruit mix I added cooked brown rice, cooked ground beef, canola oil, bone meal and multivitamin/mineral supplements.  The dogs loved it!

The third recipe I tested was “Barley Apple Cinnamon Cookies.”  What dog doesn’t like treats?  Using barley and whole wheat flour, combined with cinnamon, chopped apple, oil, molasses and egg, I created cookies that the dogs just love. I have Pomeranians that are old and one has no teeth.  It was imperative that the treats were soft enough for them to be able to eat.  This was a good recipe for that purpose.

I certainly give “Better Food for Dogs” two thumbs up and encourage dog owners to consider cooking food for their precious pets.  Yes, it takes time and extra effort but in the end you’ll have happier and healthier dogs.

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