Butterfly’s Child by Alan Chin

Butterfly’s Child  
Alan Chin
Dreamspinner Press (2010)
ISBN 9781615816583
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD, for Reader Views (2/11)


Alan Chin is one of my favorite authors. The author’s stories of the gay and lesbian community have universal appeal for all  readers. You will read about love, relationships, parenting and prejudice in our society.

Cord Bridger was a masterful musician, however something happened and now he is a piano tuner. His live-in love Cameron is all about glory, fame and money. He doesn’t understand why Cord just won’t get it together and start playing again.

One phone call is all it took for Cord to make some changes in his life. His grandmother has died and he needs to go to Nevada to take care of things. He’s not sure what he will encounter there, but he knows it is the right thing to do. Cameron on the other hand doesn’t get it- if she’s dead does it matter when she is buried?

What Cord finds in Nevada will shake his being to the soul. He finds his grandmother had a lesbian lover and he has a teenage son. Not only is he shocked, but he finds that his son has a brother. Juanita, the surviving partner of his grandmother’s relationship, leaves the kids in the hands of Tomeo while she seeks out her ex-husband. Did I mention that Juanita is worthless as a mother and wife?

What Cord learns is that he likes this lifestyle; he becomes attracted to Tomeo and wonders if he can have a good relationship with him. When he finds that his son was abused by a principal of his school and saw pictures of what happens he goes off the deep end. Kem, the younger child speaks in secret language to his brother Kalin. Kalin trusts no one and is very protective of Kem.

What happens when Juanita returns to the ranch and wants no one to know where she is? Her ex-husband is looking for her and the money she took, but most importantly he wants Kalin. Who survives?

Alan’s ability to provide very dramatic, vivid scenes lets readers get into the mind of each character in “Butterfly’s Child.”  Through this story you will find that each of us deserve to love who we want and that all individuals go through the similar crises.

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