Celebrity by Kathleen Squire-Merolla

Kathleen Squire-Merolla
Outskirts Press (2010)
ISBN 9781432756277
Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (1/11)


“Celebrity” begins with two high school friends – Lora Logan and Emma Masters – enjoying an innocent afternoon at the local swimming hole.  Things quickly become dangerous when a stranger shows up and changes their lives forever.  As a result, Lora’s family leaves bustling New York to live on a remote ranch in Arizona in order to start a new life.  A few years later, Lora who has always loved music, enters and wins Celebrity USA (which is an American Idol-like competition).  Thrust into the national spotlight, Lora becomes the target of a stalker and must once again rely on others to protect her.

The major strength of this book is its main characters.  They are portrayed as down-to-earth people with whom any reader should be able to relate.  The book follows Lora’s life as she grows from a frightened teenager to a confident woman.  The author uses the character of Lora to show that setbacks and unplanned activities in life are not always bad.  Rather, they make you stronger and more aware of the path you should choose for the future.  On the other hand, I thought the author should have developed the stalker’s character a little better.  I was interested in knowing more about his past.

“Celebrity” is a timely story which will appeal mainly to females between the ages of eighteen and thirty.  There are many aspects of this book that will keep the reader’s interest, including: suspense, secrecy, fame, love, and feelings of guilt.  It is highly likely the reader will empathize with Lora because of the difficulties she has endured.  The story moves at a good pace.  However, I was bothered by the overuse of commas throughout the book; it was distracting.

I enjoyed this book for several reasons.  The subject matter is interesting and the main characters seem like real people you could meet anywhere.  I liked the way the author kept the story moving – skipping over years instead of overwhelming the reader with too many details of Lora’s day-to-day life.  The ending of “Celebrity” leaves open the possibility for a sequel.  I truly hope the author obliges.

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